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A Moment Please

Ugh. I mean UGH. Like U G H The irritation. The constant repetition. Constant repetition. Constant repetition. Back to ugh. But you know...that feels real uncomfortable. So ya know, adjust Readjust Fix it Well try, if that's even applicable, but you know, you must always try right? Because then you can say, "at least I tried, right?" Adjusted Quick inhale Oh Oh no Constant repetition. Why Repetition Angry exhale Fix it. Irritation Simmering in irritation Outburst? Oh wait...TRY. Right, right. Always got to. Always got to t r y Just T r y One more time Trying... Maybe crying? Probably Quick ugh Keep it quick U g h Haha more like u g h .... ug

Okayyyyy Trying again Final inhale Spark Glimmer Exhale Long exhale Being.


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