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A note to self

...They want me to dance. Who am I not to? This body is not promised another day on this quarantined earth.

I wear many hats and isolation

is not foreign to me. However, it is important to me- strongly connected to my purpose- that I commit to my entire heART. Not just when it's favorable, trendy, easiest and enjoyable; rather during times like these when the uncertainties + stresses of society - the world- seem to run amuck.

I want to apologize for being selfish and focusing on ways in which this new way of life isn't overwhelming/or underwhelming to me.

Rather it is dancing a few feet away from an audience, in the studio with collaborating artists, or at home virtually, Noah... you must continue in dance. There are countless benefits in the art of dance that all of the world can now throughly witness and enjoy. I know you work in the technology/communication industry and you've self published your first book. My love, you can simply use this time to rekindle your first love. Continue to tell your story and open up to the fresh possibilities of dancing to an audience of ONE.

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