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G.F. 2020

COVID-19 presented respiratory challenges to the world. If that wasn’t difficult enough to live through now, I am George Floyd.

Unable to breath, I sleep with the light on tonight, wondering if there is any light left in America.

And just like that my heart split in two, stained with black grief + ache for my black kind. My African people. My American brotherhood. My family. I cry. No longer able to numb myself from reality. If there was ever a challenge with loving each other - as black & brown people - my prayer is that it cease. No matter our peculiarities, differences, social status, sex, last name... I LOVE YOU! I see I must continue each day loving my black & brown people- stranger or familiar- with each sun rise and every sun set. I won’t let my fear of the unknown prevent me from loving you. For my next eight minutes + forty six seconds may be my last breathe.


Noah James (@inoahplace)


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