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Reviewing Fundraising as a Good Idea during Emergencies

Updated: Mar 21

Good day to you!

Noah here, sharing another way

the shock of leaving a nice paying job presents itself.

I enjoy the thrill of the unknown. I

do not marvel in the uncertainty of bills being paid.

To challenge my pride I opened up toward the Universe and shared this pivotal movement in time. I am open to job opportunities, community health work but most importantly, I am dreaming and saying yes to funding that'll enable me to fully expand further as an artist with disabilities

"The fact that you opened this fundraiser really speaks to the goodness of your heart, thank you for taking a moment to learn about this sudden & urgent cause.

Like some of you, I appreciated a 9-5 career at a Medical Center and I thoroughly enjoyed being of service to those who’ve served our country. It was with the veterans that I discovered a greater meaning within my healthcare administration degree.

Little did I know that my job probation extended far beyond a six month period. Unfortunately, as a result of my disability, I was wrongfully terminated effective December 28, 2021. I did not have the same support system and leadership team that I once had when I confided in them at the start of my career. To make matters worse I recently signed a new lease for an apartment complex that took a long time to secure.

I was beyond elated to begin my new year in my own apartment, at a job that I loved so much. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse I learned that I was diagnosed with the new variant of COVID-19.

God, please help me! [goal is 1900| 3000]

Yes, I am currently quarantined and asking the Universe and my Facebook friends + tribe to help your lover boy out as I venture into the New Year with some obstacles and new goals to crush."

To support Noah via CASH APP: @noahmoves


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