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Who am I

[Feb 17, 2009]

(Inspired by Frida Kahlo's story)

I will not compromise my vision its birth from repetitive chaotic pain caused by idiotic hypocrisies from ignorant people I dance but I will not compromise my vision see I see vividly the well that causes the leakage in my eyes... the drunkenness to escape the extremely loud bastards screaming questions that I search for answers to. One by one By one... I’m still searching. My heart sings so heavily into this dark Pit of hell. And, yes, I feel every burn. I cheated on myself. I write painting I will not compromise my vision by staying true. What freedom ? I don’t know. I am truth, I am free in the perimeters of my own cage you sorry ass bastard, I blame you for feeding me unnutritional food for thought Expecting me to bring life.

Abusing my vision, You benefit from these babies they grow and you soak up the anointing God placed in me my gifts are yours. you wanted me to disguise the message that you derive from my vision. This art speaks volumes to the insecurities. I can’t Can’t compromise my vision to make yours appear more holy your sins are not mine to bear, they were sent to God through the sacrifice of your living. Living in an animalistic old testament view of worshiping your actions to please a God who simply wants to love you. Your wish to compromise my vision would result in me denying the very grace that created it. My truth is in alignment with understanding God's truth that gave me my vision. Yes I am free to express. I will not compromise my vision they are only my footsteps in this life. The stain in the paper from my ink the flower from my seed the blood transfusion. I will not compromise my vision, I made that mistake before I did not ask for this glorious life, and therefore it was never mine. This is my sanctuary... of worship my avenue of praise that reflects who I am in this world. Who are you?

©2009 Noah David James III


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