Embedded deep inside of Visceral Roots is the love for artist collaboration & cultivation. We believe that with every creation there is technique to get you there. For every technique learned there is a story of perseverance. The depths of each story reveals the human qualities that make artists relatable. We honor every member of our collective and believe in the gifts they offer to the world. This is V.R. The Collective.

V.R. The Collective

Carmen Crocket.jpeg

Carmen Gail

Company Artist

Carmen Gail is a Bay Area native and life long dancer. She has studied many forms of dancing such as Contemporary and Hip Hop. Carmen is a member of  The Golden State Warriors Harwood Classics Dance Team.


Annie Aguilar

Company Artist, Doula

Annie Aguilar is a dancer, doula, and movement educator from the foothills of Grass Valley, California. She holds a B.A. in neuroscience from Middlebury College in Vermont.


Patrick Secrease

Company Artist, Hip Hop Freestyle

As an Oakland native, Jeremie has always been surrounded by music, dance, and the arts. His passion for dancing came at a young age and even though never formally trained, he found solace in turf dancing.


Joshua Merchant

Poet, Activist

Joshua  A. Merchant is a native of East Oakland exploring queer issues, black identity, and the complexities of their intersection. In 2011, he won the title of Youth Speaks champion and represented the Bay Area at Brave New Voices.